Saturday, July 30, 2011

- - - - - Josh Eagle and the Harvest City - - - - - - - - - - "A Good One Is Hard To Find" - - - - - -

The CD release show for Josh Eagle and the Harvest City is tonight at the Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky. A Good One Is Hard To Find is a solid and cohesive alt-country affair that steadily churns along like a waterfall of human emotion spilling over at sunset after a long day in the woods.

Eagle’s gravelly vocals crackle and croon with raspy hard-won insight, travel memories, homesickness, and a humbly self-assured confidence about turning this last crucial corner en route to righteousness after a bumpy ride through rough territory. Eagle’s vocal delivery is a masterful balance of strong emotions measured and carefully spun in humble tones conveying the weight of experience, the burden of hard lessons learned, and always the longing to return to simple things, that special girl, home.

The tunes here are particularly strong. There ain’t a weak one in the bunch, aided in no small way by the band’s subtle touches that illuminate the album’s dynamic arrangements. “Feathers In My Name” opens the record with a whisper over acoustic guitar, with the band only gradually rising up from the silence to provide a subtle pulse. There’s a number of mid-tempo rockers throughout, all of which feature Eagle’s unique gift for conveying heavy symbolism through deceptively simple language. “Radio” closes out the affair on a sweet and subtle note. Casting himself as your radio, Eagle sounds all too happy to sing you through the emotional toil and important lessons of recent events, guitar in hand, love and reverence in his voice, gratitude pouring from a humble heart.

This is a beautifully crafted record that oozes with organic warmth and deep emotions and it is far and away one of the most original and consistently rewarding alt-country records to emerge from the Cincy music scene in some time.

In the hands of the right Program Directors, I simply can’t see this record not catching on at college radio and alt-country stations like WNKU. I’d be really surprised if they’re not playing this already.

The cover charge for tonight’s show is $10, with a copy of the new disc included in the price of admission. The show starts at 9pm and also includes performances by The Cliftones, Fair City Lights, and Kelly Fine.

Portions of tonight’s proceeds will go to Play It Forward, a local charity whose goal is health insurance for Cincinnati musicians.

The Southgate House is located at 24 E. 3rd Street in Newport, Kentucky

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